Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to the Writing

The title pretty much says it all....back to the writing. The very long, long, long, long, (my son is currently sitting in the background helping with this post and pointing out certain things and risking the possibility of him ever reaching 14 because of course he's my son) neglected writing of Squirrel Karma. 

My son recently pointed out to me how long it had been since I had written anything for Squirrel Karma and that he and his sister were now both teenagers so me returning to writing would be cheaper than drinking, therapy, and vastly less detrimental to my physical body than some of my preferred methods of dealing with them and the Chaos Menagerie when they throw me for a loop and when the universe finds it fun to use me as a test dummy for possible sitcom episodes.

It was also pointed out that if I start writing again I could share all the fun stuff I converse with (at) them about with the rest of the universe therefore building character worldwide because they feel they've suffered enough of it and "sharing is caring, mom" from my daughter and "misery loves company, mom" from my son. Sarcasm is genetic as well as being a vital life skill to survive our household.

So here we are. Me returning to writing about the various things that go on around what we are now calling The Jurassic Vortex, the ever charming antics of The Chaos Menagerie, sharing the adventures of The Furry Horde, the joys of parenting teenagers, and anything else that I think you all might enjoy. I will also be redesigning Squirrel Karma in the near future, once I figure out all the new stuff that's been made available for designing blogs since the last time I was writing. The joys of being a slight Techno-barbarian

On that note I shall endeavor to finish the load of kid clothes in the washer, make lunches, peruse the new grocery ads/coupons (it's a Wednesday thing), make sure that each member of The Furry Horde is in their preferred sleeping areas, double check that all the trash/recycling is out for pickup, and continue my current project of hunting down book quotes. I'll explain that last one in my next post. Until next time my darling nuts. I bid you all a pleasant and restful night and minimal chaos tomorrow.

 The Queen Nut

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